CABVI (Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired)

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Address: 2045 Gilbert Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Phone: 513-221-8558
Toll Free: 1-888-687-3935


Mission & Purpose

Empowering people who are blind or visually impaired with opportunities to seek independence.


Clinical evaluation by low vision optometrists and individualized instruction by certified low vision therapists in the use of prescribed low vision aids and techniques for using remaining vision more effectively. Over 50 years of experience in this specialty area. Services provided at Gilbert Avenue site, and at four satellite locations. Low vision aids are loaned for trial use before purchase. Service covered by some Medicare plans and Ohio’s Independent Living Program can cover services and equipment for those over 55, as eligible.

Early Childhood and Youth Services: Support,information, and intervention services for families and their young children, age birth to 5. Consultation and collaboration with teachers and other service providers for all children. Also includes music services, as well as access technology and low vision services,including functional vision assessments.Support to parents and school services provided. New transition program for school aged children called “pre-employment transition services” sponsored by Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities,provided through CABVI.

Access Technology Service: Instruction with using hardware or software applications that enable people who are visually impaired or blind to operate many electronic devices independently. This includes desktop or laptop computers, tablets such as the iPad,smart phones and digital book readers.

Orientation and Mobility Service: Instruction in how to travel safely and independently by certified Orientation and Mobility specialists, including the use of a white cane, public transportation systems,and sighted guide techniques.

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy: Instruction in adaptive skills for independent living including communication skills (Braille, typing),home management (cooking, cleaning, etc.)and personal management (grooming,money identification).

Social Service: Counseling, information and support groups to help in the emotional adjustment to vision loss. Provides initial assessments and also refers individuals to other organizations for additional services as needed.

Talking Book Machine Service: Processes applications for the Library of Congress National Library Service talking book machine program to allow people who are blind,visually impaired and print impaired to read recorded books and magazines from the library on specialized equipment.

Volunteer Program: Provides volunteers who read printed materials in homes, offices,schools, or senior facilities, visit and provide companionship, and/or serve as sighted guides for shopping trips or outings. Volunteers also read local and national newspapers and magazines for Radio Reading Services and through a telephone voice mail system for the Personalized Talking Print Program.


Anyone who is having difficulties due to an identified vision condition. CABVI’s services are designed for people of all ages.

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